Express Talk

Express Talk 3.21

Virtual telephone compatible with most VOIP services


  • Adds more options to normal VOIP calls
  • Allows business users to turn VOIP services into conferencing apps
  • Supports up to six seperate lines


  • Call transfers and conferencing limted to business version


Express Talk allows you to make calls between computers using IP Telephony. It is compatible with other software-based VoIP SIP protocols which can be called free of charge to computers that have installed Express Talk.

In addition to the functions typical of a VOIP call via the internet, Express Talk allows you to hold up to six simultaneous conversations, reduces background noise and can be configured to circumvent firewalls, record conference calls in MP3 format, identify incoming calls and store numbers for speed dialing.

You can configure up to six separate lines on instance of Express Talk with the ability to put calls on hold. It supports video (H263, H261) for webcams or IP Phones and also integrates with Address Book. Business users will however have to upgrade to the Business Edition which supports call transfers and allows up-to six people to join one call using the Call Conferencing feature.

If you need something that offers a bit more than Skype or your normal VOIP service, Express Talk is a useful option for individuals and business users alike.

Mac OS X Address Book integration.


  • Mac OS X Address Book integration.
Express Talk


Express Talk 3.21

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